Prepare. Act. Survive.

Prepare. Act. Survive.


The recent bushfires in regional NSW are a reminder of the importance of being ready for every eventuality and ensuring your workplace has well thought out plans in place to deal with emergencies you may face.

In most emergencies, the outcome is heavily determined by how well prepared we are ahead of the crisis.  With that in mind, the emergency planning manual and template may help protect your staff, clients or students.  It covers everything from carrying out risk assessments and drills to what to do in a bushfire, chemical spill, extreme weather – even an earthquake or a bomb threat.

While it’s written from the perspective of a school environment, it can be easily adapted to suit most workplaces.

If you require assistance drafting your emergency response plan, please contact your local fire service.  They can offer advice specific to your organisation and environment.  Some fire services also offer training:

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