Police Check FAQs

How long is a police check valid for?

Police check results have no set expiry date, they are a “point in time” check, meaning that the results only reflect police records on the date they are released by each police agency.


Can a police check be re-used?

No. If an applicant applies for a different position, their previous police check cannot be used because different purposes for police checks can affect the disclosure decisions made by police. You should let applicants know this if they ask for a copy of their police check result.


For what reason can I request a NCCHC?

You may only request a NCCHC for your organisations own use conducting probity checking of its employees (including paid, unpaid, potential or existing), volunteers, consultants and contractors.


Can a person under 18 undertake a NCCHC?

Yes. A juvenile is a person under 18 years of age. You are required to obtain the consent of a parent, guardian or legal representative (as defined by relevant legislation) prior to submitting a NCCHC request for a person under 18 years of age.


What results will I get from the NCCHC?

Results will be either No Disclosable Court Outcome “NDCO” (i.e. no record is held or releasable) or Disclosable Court Outcome “DCO” (i.e. disclosable police history exists).


Why is some information not disclosed in a NCCHC?

The disclosure and sharing of police history information is governed by a range of Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation. Police agencies across multiple jurisdictions will release police history information to the extent permissible by their respective legislation or information release policies. Specific legislation may apply to the disclosure of police history information, particularly in relation to sexual offences and child-related employment. The type and amount of information released will vary on a case by case basis, depending on the category and purpose of the check, as well as the jurisdiction where convictions are recorded.


Who can access the CCER Police Check Website

Your organisation must nominate an Authorised Officer to administer the contractual obligations with CCER. The Authorised Officer has access to all areas of the CCER Police Check Website and controls what information users have access to via a simple self managed control panel. There is no limit to the number of authorised users who can access the CCER Police Check Website on behalf of your organisation.


How long does it take to get a result?

The service aims to process 95 per cent of police checks within 10 business days, noting that: the majority of NCCHC requests (around 70%) are completed immediately and results returned to you within 24 hours, and approximately 30% of police checks may be referred to one or more police agencies and can take longer than 10 business days to be returned.

If your police check has taken longer than 20 business days to process, you can contact CCER to initiate a check follow-up.


We have received a result that contains a DCO, how do I conduct a Risk Assessment?

Please click here to download the guidelines


I have conducted a risk assessment and I need assistance moving forward with the outcome, can CCER assist me?

Yes, please contact us for assistance.