One week as a work experience student at CCER

One week as a work experience student at CCER


To help us prepare for the “real world” outside of school, our year group participated in four days of work experience. My grandma told me about an organisation called CCER and recommended it as an ideal introduction in helping me to decide whether a career in the legal industry was for me.

Excited and slightly nervous, the first day of my work experience at CCER came around. Upon my arrival, I was introduced to the team and given a tour of the activity based workplace which included learning about CCER’s purpose and the services which it provides.  For the remainder of the morning I shadowed CCER’s Employment Relations Specialists observing calls to get an understanding of how they worked and their areas of expertise.  This included being part of a teleconference with CCER’s members to discuss a particularly pressing workplace issue. My first day concluded with some administration tasks and being shown how to use some of the office equipment.

I began the second day by observing more client calls which further highlighted some of the ways that the Employment Relations Specialists interact. On my second day I worked with the CCER Communications team to design a poster that informed employees on how to prevent the spread of the flu in the workplace. I also created mock-ups of one of the CCER website pages on Photoshop to assist a website designer who would be meeting later that week with the Communications and IT team.

On my third day I attended a hearing at the Fair Work Commission about equal pay. The cross examination of witnesses was an interesting learning experience for me and gave me a taste of what a legal career might look like. Later that day I did some more work with the Communications team sourcing images for articles that would be included in the CCER Bulletin as well as continuing to create mock-ups for the website.

On my final day I did some more shadowing of client calls, conducted research on the consumer price and wage price index and their respective projected increases over the coming quarters and worked on amending contract templates. I was also shown around some of the other organisations that occupy other floors in the building, that specialise in different fields.

Overall, I found that my time here at CCER was a worthwhile experience introducing me to a variety of skills to get me started in the workforce. It was also gave me an insight into the world of employment relations and provided snippets to what working in an office environment is like.


 Luke Caprarelli is a Year 10 work experience student at CCER.

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