Kerrie Yates returns with some important changes

Kerrie Yates returns with some important changes


After a sold-out event last year, facilitator, mediator and assessor, Kerrie Yates returns to CCER to host her popular workshop, Managing Change.

Ahead of her upcoming workshop, she wants us to embrace challenges and criticisms of change:

The pace and volume of change has meant that many staff have become wary of and weary about change.  What looks like resistance to the suggested change is often resistance to what they fear will be another change process that won’t be communicated clearly, will be forced upon them or won’t be followed through. 

Don’t dismiss challenges or even negativity as a sign that people just don’t like change.  To do so means that we miss an opportunity to involve staff in the process, learn from their concerns and perhaps get the change process right.  You never know, staff may start to trust change processes and most importantly, those who seek to make the change.

With over 20 years of experience in the private and public sectors, and a background in industrial relations and human resources, Kerrie Yates has consulted organisations from the health, construction, mining, finance, automotive and telecommunications industries.


Tickets to her upcoming workshop, Managing Change are selling fast! If you would like to attend, click here to register your place. Be sure to check out our other upcoming workshops and networking forums.



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