Faith at Work

Faith at Work promotes vibrant conversations about the practical, moral and ethical issues confronting workplaces and the broader community. Each event takes place in a relaxed setting, featuring a prominent citizen talking about their personal story and their ideas on work, faith, politics and culture.


Brave New World: Bioethics in the 21st Century with Dr Bernadette Tobin

Should euthanasia be legalised? Should we ever allow human cloning? What is the likely future of genetic medicine? CCER's Executive Director, Tony Farley speaks with Bernadette Tobin, exploring these questions and navigating their way through the complex field of religion, ethics, and medicine.

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Life, the Law and the Future of Korea with the Hon. Justice Michael Pembroke

Can Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un set aside their differences and more than 60 years of history to achieve peace? CCER's Tony Farley speaks with special guest, writer, historian, naturalist and Supreme Court judge, the Hon. Justice Michael Pembroke, following the release of his newest book, 'Korea: Where the American Century Began.

Keeping the Faith... With Bill Shorten

2017's Faith at Work series has got off to a great start. The auditorium at the Museum of Sydney was packed with people waiting to hear federal opposition leader, Bill Shorten, talk about how his public policies have been influenced by his private beliefs.

Previous Faith at Work Dialogues:

Keeping the Faith…with Professor Richard Rymarz

On March 8th, Professor Richard Rymarz joined us for our second Faith at Work Dialogue for the year. The theologian and author shared his insights into the current state of Catholic schools…


Faith, Work and the Law: with Margaret Cunneen, SC

In our third Faith at Work dialogue, Tony Farley, Executive Director of CCER was joined by Margaret Cunneen, S.C. in a discussion about Faith, Work and the Law. In a relaxed and intimate setting, Tony and Margaret discussed her faith, family and career. The audience was inspired by Margaret’s sincere discussion of how her faith has influenced her life and career.


Religious Freedom in the 21st Century: with Tim Wilson, MP

In the second of our series of Faith at Work events, Tony Farley, Executive Director of CCER interviewed Tim Wilson. Tony and Tim discussed many topics from religious freedom to the importance of civil discourse, Tim’s political ambitions and his recent resignation from the role of Australian Human Rights Commissioner. Tim spoke candidly about his upbringing, views on the Catholic Church, a pluralist state and morality in what proved to be an interesting and lively discussion.


Faith at Work with John Robertson, MP

Executive Director Tony Farley interviewed John in a relaxed setting, evoking a candid, authentic and uplifting conversation about John’s early life, the ups and downs of his political career, and what inspires him for public service.