Are you complying with the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards?

Are you complying with the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards?

The National Catholic Safeguarding Standards have recently been published by Catholic Professional Standards Ltd.

The Standards provide a framework to assist Catholic entities to promote the safety of children through the implementation of policies and activities to prevent, respond to and report concerns regarding child abuse. They are designed to be implemented by all Catholic entities, ministries and organisations across Australia.

The Ten Standards are taken directly from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse’s final report and are focused on religious and lay persons who have contact with children.

Click here to learn more about the Standards and for general information.


The standards that are most relevant from an employment relations viewpoint are:

Standard 5: Robust human resource management

Relates to HR practices and covers issues such as recruitment practices, screening, and child protection induction.

Standard 6: Effective complaints management

deals with responsive, understood, and accessible processes for raising and managing concerns and complaints.

Standard 7: Ongoing education and training

deals with ensuring personnel are equipped with knowledge, skills and awareness to keep children safe through information, ongoing education and training.

Standard 10: Policies and procedures support child safety

deals with ensuring policies and procedures document how the entity is safe for children.


CCER has a range of services, policy templates and guidance documents that will assist you to comply with your child protection obligations and the new Standards including:

  • Employment screening services: CCER’s Police Check Service ensures that you make informed employment decisions to create safe environments for children and your employees.
  • Advice on recruitment, induction and contracts: to comply with your lawful obligations and implement best practice.
  • Template policies including Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct: to inform and remind staff of the standards of behaviour and other requirements that must be adhered to in the workplace including when working with children.
  • Advice on Managing Workplace Complaints: guidance on principles and processes to follow when dealing with workplace complaints including reportable conduct.
  • Information and training on child protection obligations: including delivery of workshops.
  • Guidelines for Exchange of Child Protection Information – assistance for Catholic organisations considering exchanging information with government agencies and non-government organisations about the safety of children or young persons.

You can access CCER resources here. For further information or advice on meeting your child protection obligations, please contact us on 02 9390 5255 or email us at


 Suzanne Ashby is the Interim Deputy Executive Director at CCER.

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