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The Catholic Commission for Employment Relations is a unique not for profit organisation with responsibility for advising Catholic employers in NSW and the ACT on a broad range of employment relations and human resource issues.

Police Checks

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Church Employers Back Low Paid Workers
The Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) and the Australian Catholic Council for Employment Relations (ACCER) have made a joint submission to the Fair Work Commission Penalty Rates Case in support of retaining Sunday penalty rates in the retail and hospitality industries. Read more.

The wins and losses in Productivity Commission Final Report into Workplace Relations

The Productivity Commission has completed its Inquiry into the Workplace Relations Framework, backing a number of CCER proposals but with a disappointing outcome on weekend penalty rates. Stay tuned for CCER involvement in the campaign to protect low-income workers and weekends for families.

The Report makes recommendations for significant reforms to workplace laws. To find out more please click here.

CCER believes that office hot-desking is out and ABW
is in

There are a lot of negatives related to the common office practice of hot-desking, injury is the main one. Recently our Executive Director Anthony Farley spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald about why an Activity Based Working Office is the way of the future. Click here to read the article

Click here to watch our Director of Operations, Desiree Blackett give an intro tour of our Activity Based Working office

Penalty rate cuts will hurt regional areas most

Our Executive Director recently visited the New England North West area and spoke to the community about the negative impact penalty rate cuts will have on low-income families, particularly those living in rural and regional areas. Mr Farley is advocating against penalty rate cuts and wants to encourage us all to care about the low-income earners, the young and the rural communities across Australia.
Click here to read the article

Margaret Cunneen to 12yo self: "stop worrying about what people think, not everyone has to like you, that's their problem not yours"
Margaret Cunneen says her faith has been consistent, even as a "naughty teenager"... "It's always been there."
Margaret Cunneen's top tip to aspiring prosecutors? Training.
Margaret Cunneen: "We really must preserve the presumption of innocence at all costs."
Tonight: Margaret Cunneen SC in conversation with Executive Director @tofarley "Faith, Work and the Law" - Podcast out soon.